Friday 5 July 2019

Post 576: Metallic Waxes by Dadarkar Arts- Projects and Review (Guest Design Post)

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This is my Review and Guest Design Post for Dadarkart Arts, India. 
Dadarkar Arts is an Indian Store which stocks lots of art & craft supplies, to check them out, please click HERE.
Aditi, the owner, very kindly sent me a set of 7 "Metallic Wax Mousses" by her In House Brand- "Get Inspired" & asked me to review them. 
These waxes are currently available in 8 colours and can be purchased as a set of 8 or individually. To view the pack of 8 waxes, please click HERE.

Let's get started. 

Here are the 7 Get Inspired Metallic Waxes Sent:
(White Gold, Lustrous Silver, Ancient Gold, Fiery Copper, Emerald Patina, Azure Blue & Amethyst Mauve) 

Here are the Color Swatches I made of 
the 7 waxes on White & Black Cardstock:

Here are 3 Simple Projects I made using the 
Get Inspired Metallic Waxes:

1. Mixed Media Tag- You Are Loved

(Process- Applied modelling paste through a stencil onto an MDF tag & tied twine around the tag for texture. Then adhered clay embellishments, chipboards and gem to the tag to create a composition. Covered everything with heavy black gesso and then colored the tag with Get Inspired Waxes- Emerald Patina, Ancient Gold, Azure Blue, Fiery Copper, Amethyst Mauve & White Gold. In the end, added the ribbon, twine & sticker sentiment)

2. Altered Metal Geometry Box

(Process- Adhered metal charms, resin embellishment & gems to a metal geometry box using Gel Medium. Then covered everything with heavy black gesso. Next, colored the box using Get Inspired Waxes- Emerald Patina, Azure Blue, Lustrous Silver, Ancient Gold & White Gold.)


3. Altered Resin Frame

(Process- Applied Impasto paint to a Prima Resin Frame, then applied Get Inspired Wax- Fiery Copper to it & finally highlighted the texture with Get Inspired-Ancient Gold & White Gold waxes)

2 Projects I made for my Design Teams where I used Get Inspired Waxes as a Finishing Touch:

1. Masucline Vintage Layout- Inspire
(made for Fantasy Dies)
I used Get Inspired Waxes- Fiery Copper, Ancient Gold, Emerald Patina and White Gold to highlight the textures, metal pieces, die cuts and chipboards.

2. Vintage Mixed Media Tag- Found
(made for Lindy's Gang July Color Challenge)
I used Get Inspired Waxes- Lustrous Silver and White Gold to highlight the textures.

My Opinion:

I already own waxes/mousses/wax pastes by other companies & these types of products in general are definitely one of my favourites because they are easy to use & give great results. 

Now let's talk about the Get Inspired Waxes in particular below. 

- I've worked with these Get Inspired Metallic Waxes for about 2 weeks now. 
- I liked the packaging, it's very cool. The metal tins look beautiful.
- These waxes are easy to use, I've applied them using my fingers to highlight textured surfaces or used them with brushes. It's very simple to use them. 
- The colours blend easily with each other when they are wet. 
- Once dry, the waxes are permanent
- All 7 wax colours sent to me show up well on black surfaces like black cardstock or materials covered with black gesso. 
- Azure Blue, Amethyst Mauve & Emerald Patina are 3 colours that show up really well on black surfaces. On white, they give a shine & brownish-grey color, which I suppose can be used for giving an antique look to mixed media projects with white gesso on them (I have not tried doing this as yet, I have only used them on black till now).
- Lustrous Silver wax gives a shine on white surfaces but is not much visible. On Black it shows up beautifully. 
- My favourite colours are- Fiery Copper, Ancient Gold & White Gold because they show up well both on white and black surfaces & give a good metallic shine. 
- These waxes work well on many surfaces, I used them on resin frames, metal charms, cardstock and mdf-wood pieces. (On slippery/shiny surfaces, it is always better to apply a coat of gesso & then apply any mediums)
- These waxes can be used to colour the whole project or only be used as a finishing touch to highlight the relief/raised areas. 
- These waxes give a lovely metallic shine, to make the projects look antique and vintage. 

In conclusion, I would say these are definitely worth trying for yourself. They are fun & easy to use. Get a couple of your favourite colours, try them out, see how you like using them. 

Thanks a lot for your precious time :)
Stay Blessed!