Saturday, 5 November 2016

Let's De-Stash it !!

Hello lovely people!!

So recently I wrote a facebook post about destash and how I think they should be managed in order to keep transactions smooth and fair. I am blogging about the same today with a few minor additions since things on FB do tend to get lost along the way! 

Here are a few ideas/comments/suggestions, what have you, on destashes. Perhaps it will help buyers/sellers have smoother transactions.

1. Numbering- Since sometimes there are multiple and similar items put up for destash, it becomes difficult to identify which item is being talked about during the transaction. So it would be great if any items and especially mixed lots can be numbered. That way we instantly know which item/picture is being referred to. (So lot 1, lot 2 etc)

2. Booking and cancellation- To buyers please do not book if you are not genuinely interested. But if there is a change of heart, it is basic decency to inform the seller soon (few minutes to max. 1 day) so it can be put up for reselling. The seller also needs to graciously understand and accept that there might be a no. We are human. Until someone pays for something, kindly think of it as a maybe. But all in all let's not waste people's time.

3. Packing - yes it is destash but if the goods are packed shabbily and a damaged parcel is received. It is a waste of time, effort and resources. So lets take it as a given that all courier companies handle parcels badly and that we need to provide double/triple layering. Plastic bags/newspapers and then recycled cardboard boxes, whatever is lighter and cheaper. 

Additionally, items need to be re-checked by sellers before sending especially if there are many small items like buttons, charms, cabochons etc involved because it becomes a real pain at the buyer's end counting and finding things missing and then trying to come to a resolution. It is an unnecessary headache and can sometimes cause distrust between people (what if the buyer is lying?) so in order to avoid it let's take that added effort of recounting and being sure to start with.

4. Payment- Neft and imps bank transfer requires all this info. Sellers kindly provide ALL these details. These are required by the banks. Some people act paranoid and do not share emails etc when asked. That is kind of weird on so many levels!  Anyway this is the information required by the banks. 

Bank account number
Bank ifsc code
Bank address
Name of account holder
Phone number
Email id 
Type of acc- Savings/current

5. Full disclosure- so if certain items are damaged/used/stained or not fit in any way kindly mention that. Then the person who books is making an informed decision. Also, giving all the details about the product atleast as much as possible, in terms of brand name, size etc is useful. Helps prevent confusions.

6. Sharing- so sometimes people ask for an item to be shared. Which is okay if you are friends or I guess if the seller wants to take on the added work. But generally please understand and appreciate the fact that if it is a coveted item at highly slashed rates, everybody is going to want it. Its luck. You book it, you get it. It becomes weird for the person to say no because they don't want to be rude. So why even ask? Everybody is going to get their hands on some good deals, not all. Deal with it.

7. Waiting - excessive delay in payments is uncalled for because you are basically leaving the seller hanging for that many days. Communicate via messages when you will be paying. The key here is communicate with them. Let them know. Also after the payments are made parcels need to be dispatched soon (1-3 days). One can not make the buyer wait for days together or even more than a week. Not cool. Again communicate. Let them know when the dispatch will happen.

8. Receipt- please share courier details when dispatch is made. Buyers please inform the sellers upon receipt of the parcel. It puts their minds at ease. And in case of any problems let them know within a day that there are discrepancies. The details and resolution can happen as and when both parties have the time.

9. Bills- if you have booked many items, it is a good idea to make a list of items booked along with prices. This keeps things transparent and clear and in case of any mistakes you can tally with your own list.

10. Courier and Shipping Charges- it is an added bonus during destash if the cheapest options for courier can be offered. Why? Because if a buyer is buying used/old stuff at the minimum rates her psychology would probably tilt towards paying minimum for shipping as well. So in order to avoid such confusions, it is better to mention the approximate courier charges levied by the companies the sellers usually uses. If India Post/Speed post is an option, (since it is the cheapest), use it. But do pack accordingly because it is famous for all kinds of damages to parcels or worse.

 I hope I have covered the topic from both perspectives.

Thanks for your time!! Happy shopping, hoarding and crafting :p 


  1. Great post Preety..I have just started stashing up my stock as I am a relatively new crafter..but will use your post definitely in the future..😊

  2. Hello, Preety! These look like awesome tips for destashes! I have seen some destashing videos and they looked very confusing! I have never had a destash, nor have I purchased from a destash but I always enjoy looking at them. I tend to hoard all my craft supplies, as I am on a low budget. I hope that people having destashes will use your tips because it would keep everything organized and running smoothly from start to finish!